Beacon App Development

Fourarc Studio has always been concomitant with the latest trends in Technology. IOT (Internet of Things) is a technology that has been quite the cynosure for the past couple years. IOT is a technology that has revolutionized the way we can use our devices. It has provided innovative ways for cross-device connectivity, and operations. The technology involves devices like Beacon, iBeacon and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Devices. Fourarc Studio Technology is a leading Beacon App Development company which will transform your vision of the app into reality.

Let us tell you about Beacon, iBeacon and BLE Devices:

All three are closely related to each other, with slight differences.


Beacons are little devices, powered by a battery, that is rested on infrastructural premises. Speaking technically, Beacon is a BLE device that broadcasts every piece of data, at minute intervals, under the “beacon” protocol. At the software level, beacons are tiny messages, in form of data packets that are sent by the broadcasting devices, which later will be processed by the receiver device.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy):

BLE is a power saving version of Bluetooth PAN technology, which is meant for usage by devices related to IOT. It is a resourceful technology to the consumer electronics sector and Internet related machines, owing to its affordable prices, longer battery life, and ease of use.


iBeacon is Apple’s take on the bluetooth-based beacon technology. iOS is the kickstarter of this technology, by bringing this concept to the masses. It allows bluetooth enabled devices to broadcast and receive tiny information packets among short distance. It has two part: A broadcaster and a receiver. It is a path-breaking tech for retail sector.

Let’s build a Beacon App Together:

These tiny devices help in tracking of resources. It can do things like tracking a table in a restaraunt, track kids in the house or school, track the products at the mall. These devices are a boon to Blind individuals as they offer them with navigation opportunities easily. Every electronic device at home can be simply automated with these devices and its mobile app.

Do you have any such idea? Yes?

Then let’s build something great together. Let us take the opportunity to simplify lives.

How can we help?

As a Leading Beacon App Development Company We will Help you in :

  • Conducting preliminary level test of the feasibility of your idea.
  • Creating the design of the structure and a prototype of your concept
  • Providing backend solutions, web services for your beacon based application.
  • Doing both, Android and iPhone beacon app design and development.
  • Providing maintenance or extension service for your existing beacon app.
  • Creating front end websites for your beacon app.

Here’s an exemplar of what we have done in the past:

Our team of expert developers has created a very resourceful app in the past. The app is related to track the crowd at various events, to interact with them, and to develop a connection. This tracking based app has been a breakthrough that various event organizer keep looking for. It has made lives easy and interactive. Be it any place of mass gathering, this app has proven its mettle.

This is just a tiny exemplar of what we can do! Stay tuned for more. Contact us right away!